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Delivering that perfect musical touch to create an ideal and charismatic atmosphere for any occasion.
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Piano instruction is available for all ages. It's never too late!


Welcome to the website of Ken Levine. Here you will find information about one of South Africa’s highly successful music writers. Whatever the mode, whatever the style, whatever the music taste, I can deliver that perfect musical touch to create an ideal and charismatic atmosphere for any occasion.


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Music, It’s never too late!

  • If you were to look up "The Man" in the dictionary, you would undoubtedly find Kenny Levine's name. Ken has surpassed the traditional role of "teacher." In fact, Kenny is a mentor and friend. Our lessons expand beyond the scope of piano training, and we often get involved in discussions about pop culture. The past eleven years of my life have been truly enriched by Ken Levine. 

    JA - Irvington Comment from a student
  • Ken Levine is a brilliant teacher who inspires creativity and a love of music in his students! He is supportive, fun and encouraging, without sacrificing thoroughness and a solid foundation in music theory. Ken's unique teaching methods include game-playing and challenging his students to create their own original music. He has taught our children for the past eleven years! 

    TA - Irvington Comments from parents
  • Ken is a creative, enthusiastic and FUN teacher who has taught both of our children to play the piano. Ken knows exactly how to reach his students, tailoring lessons to the specific needs, interests and abilities of each child. A talented pianist himself, Ken blends music theory and keyboard instruction, and has fostered in our children a true appreciation for music and tremendous confidence in their own abilities. He is the best! 

    L.& B - New York Comments from parents
  • I've had the pleasure of having Ken Levine as my daughter's piano teacher for the 6 past months. She has grown musically in the little time he has had her.His patience, knowledge and support has been a crucial learning experience for her. We thank you Ken!! 

    LB - Dobbs Ferry Comments from parents
  • Ken Levine is one of a kind. He is a patient, kind and caring man who is a natural with children. This talented teacher will bring the sound of music into your home. Ken is a gift to the whole family! 

    JK - Hastings Comments from parents
  • Ken Levine is an inspirational teacher, I started playing piano as an adult and Ken's patience, encouragement and talent as a teacher has made every lesson a pleasure and my progress is amazing. The lessons fly by and I can't wait for the next one. 

    SF - Scarsdale Comments from parents
  • Ken is a terrific piano teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable about music. Ken is also patient as well as wonderful with children. It was a pleasure working with him. 

    WB - Scarsdale Comments from parents

Piano instruction is available for all ages.
It’s never too late!