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Ken Levine's Discography

Baby Love Affair
What Have I Done
Twinkle Toes
Rock Me To Sleep
I Remember The Sunshine
Falling In Love With You
Your Love Is The Only Love
Donítí Let My Baby Say Goodbye
Sha La La
Love Power
Itís Gonna Be Alright
Sweet Thing
Donít Hurt Me
Big Man
I Never Knew I Could Write A Song
Who Do You Know
Baby Shoes
Gonna Build A Wall Around You
Ek Onthou
Ek Soek Na My LIefste
Liefde Kom En Liefde Gaan Verby
Ware Liefde
Ting Ting A Ling
Ken Levine's Albums

Candy and Kisses - Geoff St. John
Baby Love Affair - Buttercup
The Real McKay with music by Kenny Lee
South African Song Festival - winners

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